1. riotsnotdiets:

    pretty excited about this #plumppolish prototype!

    If you could design your dream polish, what would it be made of?

  2. We still have BBW, Sand Castles, Crop Top Goth, Sunset, and one Riots Not Diets left in stock! $10 at www.plumppolish.com.

  3. Without this polish you’re just a virgin who can’t drive. As If! has neon pink, black, white, yellow, green, and turquoise glitters with a peach shimmer in a clear base. Stock is limited so get it now or you’ll be totally buggin.

    Shown here with 2-3 coats.

    $10. Order now at www.plumppolish.com.

  4. We’ve been teasing this color since we first started last year, and it’s finally available! Black & Blueberry is a bold blue polish with black hexes, squares, and shards.

    B&B is more opaque than most other Plump shades, and only takes 2 coats to reach opacity.

    $10. Order now at www.plumppolish.com.

  5. HAPPENING NOW » A Plump Mini Release!

    Quantities are limited, so get our fab new colors Black and Blueberry and As If! now!

    And all Plump polishes are now $10!


  6. riotsnotdiets:

    we’re launching a mini-release tomorrow!

  7. riotsnotdiets:

    new #plumppolish glitter top coats??

  8. Hey Plumplings!

    Crop Top Goth was one of our bestsellers from the Fat Beach Day line, and now you can get this magical lacquer on your fingernails, too!

    Preorder now through August 26th; orders will be shipped September 1st!


    Kyla & Margitte

    PS: we’re hard at work on our third line for the fall—what colors are you hoping to wear on your nails come September??


  9. tidal-eye said: hi! I ordered a vial of Big Beautiful Water about a week ago, what's your usual shipping timeline? Also I think you should do a hawt red polish with glitter hearts in it ~

    Hi there! For US orders turnaround time is usually a few days, but for international orders my (Margitte here!) job keeps from being able to go to the post office more than once a week. If you want to email plumppolish@gmail.com with your name and info, I can tell you exactly when your item was shipped and give you tracking information (if in the US) or tell you when it will ship if it hasn’t already.



  10. fancybidet:


    I got some packages today! :)

    amazing loot!!!

    Look at these amazing pictures that Dimmie took!

    (via fancybooday)